Bone Village Obelisk

from by Petriphoria

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Bloody will be thy end, Bloody thou art,
You wouldn’t understand this, Coincidence that will breed relativity.
All the ones who lied take the blade plunge it deep inside. You told me once you told me twice,
somehow I neglected to believe in myself
RAGE fills me within
you wouldn't stand a chance to see the end.
You speak filth, literal human waste,
go erase yourself and restart one last time
Epiphany's surrounding me the human condition
The plight, Her majesty, filled with corruption
and truth that no one will ever know

Reign! Over all take the staff and take control
of this nation absolve your faith in others
Bleed your reasoning
Find the strength to form your dreams.
Do not waste this precious time, watching your predecessors pass you in line
find the strength to form your dreams.
Do not waste this precious time spending your days waiting to wither
why am I doing this?
What is this fucking madness?
What the hell happened to my original goal?
Bloody thou art, bloody thou will remain, bloody will be thy end of
Dreams denied, Life refined, Mind purified
Perfect and whole again
Fringed and ripped completely torn apart tossed aside you can be quickly and easily replaced the falling bridge of your conscious .the tip of blades dipped in the cauldron of pure conviction.
Worry none of thee but to the serine blade of divine truth.
Worry not of your beard for your neck is the one we desire
Burn, revolving stories told as truth
Lies come again and again
Here we lay wasted away by friends we know as kin
dissolving motives and false conviction
Reign! Over all take the staff and take control
Of this nation absolve your faith in others and
Bleed your reasoning
you wouldn't fathom this fate and that's all on you to debate
Heavy lies the crown, hence why you shouldn't wear a lie amongst your crest. You wouldn't understand this
Coincidence that will be breed relativity that is this creation.
The price of our hell was more than the wish itself.
Well worth the wait, we honor ourselves.
Bloody thou art, bloody will be thy end


from The Collective Mind, released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Petriphoria Austin, Texas

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