Clover Voice

from by Petriphoria

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It shouldn’t have come to this.
Yet time has a way of seeing things through,
More lucid than ever before, unbearably so.
I’m pushing against this stream
The jagged bedrock tears at my feet.
Breaking who I am, cleaving flesh from bone.
This personal taboo of mine, to achieve the dream,
But bypass the divine,
I am no longer grounded in my roots
Inspiration at an all time low, I consider this path I choose.
The sheer potential of our minds are groundbreaking (groundbreaking)
Breaking ground, but I’m still lost,
Lost in my thoughts
I strive to exist on the same plane as my ideals,
I foresee the struggle when this is all said and done.
Witch do I choose? Do I do this myself or should someone to fill the shoes.
I choose the path of uncertain strength not bearable weakness.
And if it all falls through the cracks, I will look back, and still search for more ways to be strong.
Every possibility leads to a singular mindset. A singular mindset is a lead to every outcome.
This journey through life to the pace of this familiar melody. I am crippled by its beauty, yet I am detached from access. Let me be among this light. I must accept my mind is an obsolete system to the agenda of my being. For we are not our thoughts , We are under and between them .
Break this cycle, once and for all, let me be where my heart is.
Deep breaths embrace these tired lungs, now I realize what this is.
Deep breaths embrace these tired lungs, I found comfort with infinity.
What is lost is not empty, negative space carves out a masterpiece.
Beneath me, thought cycles correspond to their place in nature.
Everyone is on the same page in actuality, but not in their emotions.
Who I am is rooted in where all of the components fit together.
A heart that beats for its purpose, rather than beating to find it.
I will risk what I love, for just one chance to truly define myself.
It’s very tough to let go of the privilege, but now it can finally grow. Into a legacy that will not rest ashore.
It will dive deep into the fathoms of the now.
Tranquility awaits me,
A sense of self has been formed.
Now just open the door.
I don’t know how this will end, I just know how it will begin.
Succeed or fail , this is in my hands


from The Collective Mind, released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Petriphoria Austin, Texas

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