The Collective Mind

by Petriphoria

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released May 1, 2014

All music written and recorded by Petriphoria
Engineered/mixed/mastered by Tony Esparza
Re-amps by Robby Joyner



all rights reserved


Petriphoria Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Dementia Bebop
Reflections of a stranger grinning so twisted sick I'm spinning, revelations!
My fears surfacing to clarify the means
And clear this doubtful reasoning within my head
Vertigo, taking over all, complete mind enthrall
Mental movements
Erasing what I knew
Decomposition lies when it says it's a friend, letting you bend till the end.
It will not set you free see truth trough the misty fog hallucinations
The end will not be simply put
Afflicting friction grinding me
Destroy everything around you
A rampant tyrant throws his chalice
The time has come to fulfill what your inner malice
Magnetic pulsations ripping my brain from its stem
The sun and the moon
A perfect co-Existence
Self fulfilled with my mutual counterpart
The predator and the prey
The chase begins yet again to retrace what I used to know
Mental Fluctuations haunting me
I cannot keep up this pace
If I'm lucky ill rid myself of this possession
A weight lifted, the tides shifted both air shared between two souls. Conscious set to the moment’s speed. I know no more of agony

Difference aside leaning the balance towards harmony a peaceful day we all seek

Rid yourself of your demons
You'll soon find the new days break

Track Name: Bone Village Obelisk
Bloody will be thy end, Bloody thou art,
You wouldn’t understand this, Coincidence that will breed relativity.
All the ones who lied take the blade plunge it deep inside. You told me once you told me twice,
somehow I neglected to believe in myself
RAGE fills me within
you wouldn't stand a chance to see the end.
You speak filth, literal human waste,
go erase yourself and restart one last time
Epiphany's surrounding me the human condition
The plight, Her majesty, filled with corruption
and truth that no one will ever know

Reign! Over all take the staff and take control
of this nation absolve your faith in others
Bleed your reasoning
Find the strength to form your dreams.
Do not waste this precious time, watching your predecessors pass you in line
find the strength to form your dreams.
Do not waste this precious time spending your days waiting to wither
why am I doing this?
What is this fucking madness?
What the hell happened to my original goal?
Bloody thou art, bloody thou will remain, bloody will be thy end of
Dreams denied, Life refined, Mind purified
Perfect and whole again
Fringed and ripped completely torn apart tossed aside you can be quickly and easily replaced the falling bridge of your conscious .the tip of blades dipped in the cauldron of pure conviction.
Worry none of thee but to the serine blade of divine truth.
Worry not of your beard for your neck is the one we desire
Burn, revolving stories told as truth
Lies come again and again
Here we lay wasted away by friends we know as kin
dissolving motives and false conviction
Reign! Over all take the staff and take control
Of this nation absolve your faith in others and
Bleed your reasoning
you wouldn't fathom this fate and that's all on you to debate
Heavy lies the crown, hence why you shouldn't wear a lie amongst your crest. You wouldn't understand this
Coincidence that will be breed relativity that is this creation.
The price of our hell was more than the wish itself.
Well worth the wait, we honor ourselves.
Bloody thou art, bloody will be thy end
Track Name: Liberation
Don’t let your heart die.
Sitting high up on our thrones,
where we see but can't condone,
how you, clench the shackles
Set in place by beings greater than the human race.
However you need to conspire, we can't help but admire.
Our demands have been set; they are the rules you neglect.
Complacency is key, not the idea of being free. Your selfish sense, of bravery.
Clouded insecurities.
What you think gives you closure, brings the end even closer.
Don't let your heart die, the will to stay alive is manifesting in you all.
Our pure hearts stand tall, miles above the ground,
watching your society crumble, while your false ideals drown.
Stay alive.
Inclination of liberation throughout nations
is what you need. You shall hollow out your destination.
Inclination of liberation throughout nations
is what you need or you'll meet your decimation.
Pick yourself up, shed the weight, which holds you down.
Track Name: The Brahmastra Effect
The world is ending
You can see it plain as day from here
Hold that Ignorance goring your eyes
blinding you from the fear
Now assume the end-BRAMASTRA! Feel this come alive.
When did you become so negligent to the cold facts of life?
"Life goes on" a proverb you destroy with filth
Something calls us into the darkness; we would like to blame it on another’s design. Reality is nothing more than dreams bending into terror. Augmented personality to fit your desires. Caught up in the turmoil you choke yourself with the wires. - A Binary belief system binding the glitches of society. Organic matter subbed for cold metal and iron. A cruel twist of fate for the better Refuse the chip and you will not be missed. You don't appear the same twisted and revolting around their fingertips. We’ve all became so warped by motivation through fear and cruel intentions against the populace Caged Mechanics of technology will devoid your spirit corrupt.
What happened to will? What happened to fate? When did your absolution evaporate? Where did the human side flee? Where did all your choices in life run through? The clock ticks once and forever a moment lost. It’s the same story of broken will every time. Take every second you receive. And hold it close.
Track Name: Fate
Someone you love, is never a "was"
Moving forward, fighting it all together
Through all the things I ever did
Still finding myself in the tide
Amongst all things that will bleed,
Finding something, anything,
You wish to do about it.
Your existence has faded,
My brain permeated to a sorrow,
That corrodes it and drowns
The rest that you mated has run its course,
Dated and cleared my doubts all around.
Your last will was read while I stood force-fed
Given the chance to take it all back.
Momentum standing its ground
the only thing I ever knew is gone.
Thinking to yourself, who is this creation?
The soul latched to another's biding unaware,
of the truth to be told, promises kept
Promises kept while all life is swept,
your time came too fast
removing the past and now we're a broken frame
nothings the same.
The thought of you always bringing me back
to the thought of the time we had.
The thought of us is my dream,
as time moves on you stood still.
Washing away in the tides of time,
trying to find a peace of mind to cling to.
Hollow skies echo as these screams, ring throughout
I no longer doubt that the scares of this world,
Bleed and seep throughout.
The thought of you always bringing me back
to the thought of the time we had.
The thought of us is my dream,
as time moves on you stood still.
Track Name: March Onward
Trapped in this world of blood and slaughter She rests waiting his recovery. Breed Warmth into these wastes! Longing for the heart. Broken lands in dire thirst. The wounds cut to deep. You are the fruit that no one cared for they only wanted you to grow to feed their needs. That's what they call a living. This miasma will swallow us whole... Wait for the red skies Wait for the full crest dipped in gold The voices Won't stop this hope for recovery algorithms of shadow and noir compel this eve of blight. The witching hour approaches Smiling with the sun shining on me as we partake to the moon and front her wishes. Here I lay with this corpse you belong in, the feeling of air stagnant, as the marrow in those lungs turns dry and cold. Non-existence is a flower we all feed with lies and time the denial blooms to an overpowering lust and hunger for more decadence. Gazing into the truth won't harm you, allow acceptance to hinder and care for all you know For carelessness will be replaced with love and understanding Inject those beliefs straight into your brain. Because mercy is dead.
Track Name: Clover Voice
It shouldn’t have come to this.
Yet time has a way of seeing things through,
More lucid than ever before, unbearably so.
I’m pushing against this stream
The jagged bedrock tears at my feet.
Breaking who I am, cleaving flesh from bone.
This personal taboo of mine, to achieve the dream,
But bypass the divine,
I am no longer grounded in my roots
Inspiration at an all time low, I consider this path I choose.
The sheer potential of our minds are groundbreaking (groundbreaking)
Breaking ground, but I’m still lost,
Lost in my thoughts
I strive to exist on the same plane as my ideals,
I foresee the struggle when this is all said and done.
Witch do I choose? Do I do this myself or should someone to fill the shoes.
I choose the path of uncertain strength not bearable weakness.
And if it all falls through the cracks, I will look back, and still search for more ways to be strong.
Every possibility leads to a singular mindset. A singular mindset is a lead to every outcome.
This journey through life to the pace of this familiar melody. I am crippled by its beauty, yet I am detached from access. Let me be among this light. I must accept my mind is an obsolete system to the agenda of my being. For we are not our thoughts , We are under and between them .
Break this cycle, once and for all, let me be where my heart is.
Deep breaths embrace these tired lungs, now I realize what this is.
Deep breaths embrace these tired lungs, I found comfort with infinity.
What is lost is not empty, negative space carves out a masterpiece.
Beneath me, thought cycles correspond to their place in nature.
Everyone is on the same page in actuality, but not in their emotions.
Who I am is rooted in where all of the components fit together.
A heart that beats for its purpose, rather than beating to find it.
I will risk what I love, for just one chance to truly define myself.
It’s very tough to let go of the privilege, but now it can finally grow. Into a legacy that will not rest ashore.
It will dive deep into the fathoms of the now.
Tranquility awaits me,
A sense of self has been formed.
Now just open the door.
I don’t know how this will end, I just know how it will begin.
Succeed or fail , this is in my hands
Track Name: A Bolt From The Blue
Pandora’s box is about to open, its happened before and it will happen again.
Countless civilizations wiped off the face of this planet, people who were no different from you and me. We are a chaos within ourselves that spreads through the earth’s veins. Overly complicated thoughts spawn from irrational fear.
A wave of wisdom overpowered by egoic noise.
We wont believe in the storm until we can see it, but by then it will be too late,
I watched them all fade away , they didn’t even stand a chance to win this war.
It was in their hands to prevent this, now as I watch from this plane as the madness in my body leaves to join them. Primal instinct adhered to design. Life misinterpreted and undervalued.
I realize we are the same , we are a hive collective. A power that is unmatched in this realm. Follow your urge to act on your spirit, take it wherever it goes, use this ride to your advantage. As we descend to ashes, nothing is taken from us but our existence. What we did here will never be removed, it is crystalized in a dimension we cannot yet perceive.